Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Woof!

These pictures are brought to you by the J and K litters over at Kacela Ridgebacks! (all pictures taken by Mr. LazyDog)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost made it!

Last week I took part in the One Week Challenge over at Amy's Creative Side. I wanted to make 2 appliqued onesies and 6 burp cloths for a shower gift, plus finish the binding on baby quilt for another shower.

I almost made it - work got the better of me, unfortunately. I never realized how tired you can get after standing in the OR for 4 hours, but I think alot of it was mental tiredness. We had some weird ECMO things going on that didn't make much sense and me bending my brain cells in crazy ways to figure it out left me spent when I would get home....and a full weekend of work didn't help either...

So all told, I think I did pretty well - 3 burp cloths, 2 onesies, and a finished baby pinwheel quilt. This was my first ever pinwheel quilt and I'm really happy with the results - almost all of the points line up! Still had a few wrinkles on the back, but I'm improving with each one! Can't wait to start on my next quilt - the charm pack quiltalong at Freckled Whimsy. I picked up some great Deer Valley charm packs :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

One week challenge update part 2

I'm doing really well with the challenge this week. Got the onesies and 3 of the burp cloths done in no time! Finished the quilt yesterday and pulled in out of the dryer before I went to bed. Now just have to finish up the other 3 burp cloths and I'm done! I'm hoping to be able to get those done tonight after work.

I'll get some pics of the finished baby quilt too! I hope they love it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One week challenge update....

I just banged these out in under an hour on Monday. I've never done applique before, but have to admit that I may be hooked. I'll be stitching them down today and working on the burp cloths. I have one side left on the binding for the baby quilt and then into the washer it will go....can't wait to see that finished!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to reality....

Spent the weekend at Matt's cabin in Mancelona. Dropped LazyDog @ Grammy's and headed north...The leaves are just slightly showing a hint of color... another week or so and the trees will be in all of their autumn finery! Matt safely used the chainsaw and Paul did not burn anything - glad I didn't have to put my skills to use!

We headed to Traverse City for vodka and whiskey tasting at Grand Traverse Distillery (yup, we skipped the wineries and went straight for the hard stuff!) ....very interesting tour and good liquor...Love that they named their whisky Ole George!
The copper still

Whisky aging
Ole George - YUM!
Visited Alden and enjoyed Torch Lake - yep, the lake really is that blue! 

Cute lamp posts
Downtown Alden
Torch Lake
Another view

Back to reality today. Signed up for some on-call time and ended up not having to work, but got laundry done and started on my list for Amy's One Week Challenge, so I'm already making progress and it's only Monday - woo hoo!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Did I really just do that?!

It's official - I just sent in my application to go back to school! Holy Moly!
It may take me awhile, since I'll still need to work full-time, but it's a step in the right direction.....
Now I just have to wait for official transcript reviews to see what credits will follow me and then we can get the party started!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy weekends are good....

Our original Saturday plans got pushed to Sunday, so we headed to Henry Ford Museum instead. Unfortunately, it rained most of the afternoon and we ended up skipping the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village, but still had a good time at the museum. Saw some amazing cars, bikes, and planes.

Saw the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot. Got to walk through the Rosa Parks bus. Didn't get good pictures of those - the lighting was terrible and my little point and shoot was not sure how to focus in those situations! Grabbed a pic of this super mod sewing table and chair!

They also have a generational exhibit - with a Gen X section! Items that I had as a kid are now in museums!! How did that happen!?!? Speak N Spell, Simon, Merlin, etc.... They were even playing Duran Duran music! Although this was interesting from the baby boomers section

Sunday was a day at the in-laws. My Subie was in desperate need of an oil change, so we headed out to the shop to take care of it. I didn't manage to get oil on me too bad this time, just misjudged the angle it would come flying out of the oil pan and did get quite a bit on the floor instead! Oops! At least Paul and his dad helped me clean up the mess...

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm still here.....

I'm still here...just been busy with work and well, life....not to mention a work exposure to pertussis and an unfortunately timed sinus infection with a fever that sent me to our employee health department, a course of antibiotics, and 2 unintended days off work with me on the couch feeling like crap.

Anyway, pertussis scare over; on to the good stuff. I was able to get the pinwheel quilt sandwiched, quilted, and binding sewn on. Now just to finish the binding and it will be all set for the baby shower (which I'll miss due to my work schedule - sometimes it sucks working weekends!)

And I am on "vacation" next week! In quotes, since Paul has to work and I'll be at home, trying to be productive. The yard is ready for the fall clean-up, I want to get our new inside doors painted, and of course, there is sewing and seeing the puppies.

We are keeping a puppy from Cooper's litter, so we are looking forward to another 4 paws in the house - just not those nights of crying in the crate - ugh! Jeanne was awesome enough to set up a webcam for the litter, so check it out if you have some time. They are 3 weeks old as of Thursday! She is moving the camera between the Bailey/Cooper litter (8 pups) and the Inja/Ajax litter(9 pups)  --yup - both her girls came into season at the same time and, much to her dismay, whelped on the same day!!) So it's double the viewing pleasure!

We are heading to the Paul's parents this weekend. Also on tap is a trip to The Henry Ford Museum. We finally convinced Paul - the anti-tourist, that a museum is NOT a tourist trap!!!Weirdo!

I'll leave you with a puppy picture from last week!