Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2011! Thank you to all my new blogging friends! There is an incredible community out there and I'm happy to have found it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year! Here's to a new year filled with fun, friends, and fabric!!

Dreaming of rawhide...
Sutton & Cooper dreaming of rawhide and bully sticks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My attempts are failing miserably

I wanted to get some baking done today...had disastrous results. First my ricotta cookies were bouncy and had no flavor, so into the trash they up, pizzelles. I LOVE these, however, my iron does not share those feelings towards me....I ended up with a dozens good ones and a Ziploc bag full of pieces - which all taste fine....I'm now attempting "Naughty & Nice" sugared pecans and I'm throwing in the towel.....Bah Humbug.....I'm thinking some Bushmill's and Ginger ale while watching White Christmas may lift my spirits....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

FNSI - the results blog!!

This was my first Friday Night Sew In and it really helped me get motivated!!I got a lot accomplished yesterday! I tried out the gathered clutch tutorial over at Noodlehead. I LOVE it!! Once I got the hang of the zipper tabs, I was able to crank them out. The first two bags corners are a bit iffy, but I may just keep them and use the others as gifts. I used 2 fat quarters per bag and had lots of scraps left over! I used 9" zippers (I couldn't find 8" ones anywhere and just cut them down to size)....These make great gifts!
All lined up
The whole line up. I also cut fabric yesterday to make 3 more - Can you say addicted?!?!

First bag completed...

Here is the first one...Didn't quite get the corners right, but added a D ring and wrist strap. The one has both the divider and card pockets.

Card pocket

It only took me to the second one to figure out the zipper tabs (yeah, me!!) Inside view of the card pocket - with a handmade twill label. I'm hoping Santa brings me some pre-printed labels from etsy!

Divider Pocket

And a final shot of one with a divider pocket!

I'm planning on a red one with a cute Christmasy stripe with a Biggby coffee card for my mail lady too!  I may make a few without either pocket style - I think they'd make great little bags to stash stuff in your purse too....Seriously, is there a support group for these?!?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My winnings!!

I entered into a bunch of the great Gifts for Guys giveaways on kojodesigns blog and I actually won one!!
I won the BBQ rub from Happy Valley Farm. The rub comes in 3 flavors (Mildly Spicy, Spicy, & Chipotle) and Jim at Happy Valley let me chose. I went for the spicy version, since we like heat in our foods.
Once we crack this open, I'll be sure to post and let you know how it if I can just convince Mr. LazyDog to grill in 20 degree weather.....

I'm off to cut fabrics for the Friday Night Sew In tomorrow.....anyone else sewing tomorrow night?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today's finds

Today my friend Alicia and I headed into Detroit for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. We stopped at Traffic Jam & Snug for lunch - I highly recommend it - great food (they make their own breads, cheeses, and beer!) and a great vegetarian selection (my brother is a vegetarian, so he's made me more conscious of menus selections (or the lack of) for vegetarians)....

After filling ourselves with cheesy goodness (Potato and black truffle ravioli in Asiago cheese sauce for her and White Cheddar Mac & Cheese for me), we made our way to the Fillmore. There was a great turnout, great tunes playing in the background, and the bar was even open!!)

Alicia had more luck than I did, but I came away with a few cute fat quarters from Frizzelstix and a Handmade Detroit pin, so it wasn't a total loss. Each of the FQs came with a cute little button with illustrations from her fabrics! I thought the bears with honey pots were adorable and who can really resist little blue piggy butts!! I picked up a bunch of vendors' cards too, so I could check out etsy stores for things I was on the fence about and maybe buy online later once I decide I can't live without them!