Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Quilt Top Complete!

After procrastinating on squaring up the half square triangles. I finally got my butt in motion and finished the quilt top for Joe & Julie's baby on the way (Olivia)! Let's start at the game plan - in all in colored pencil goodness

All of the 5" squares ready and waiting....I have the white ones marked with a line on the diagonal so I know where to sew.
All sewn and pressed...just need a trim (This is where I procrastinated the most - I wasn't looking forward to squaring these up - AT ALL!)
TA-DA! All ready to go

The finished product (well, top anyway!) I actually got most of the points to match up, much to my delight! I'm slowly getting better at this!)

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  1. adorable ☼ Love your choice of a traditional pattern with modern fabrics--Olivia is one lucky little babe!