Thursday, August 5, 2010

New sewing table!

So I've finally decided to move my productions into my office and leave the kitchen table for eating and board games (much to the hubby's delight!) I found this great table at Ikea - it has two built in leaves that are easy to pull out - they almost double the table size! Finally, my machine has a home of its own!

One day we will get trim for the house, I mean it! We put the floors in this year, so now we have to decide what we want for trim. It's a work in progress, right?! I find it funny that I picked this color scheme out before it got all popular! Who knew I was a trend setter! And yes, those are S'mores figurines on the right! They crack me up - hikers, campers, grillers, a nurse, and even Frankensmore!

Also, I finally got in the fabric for a baby quilt for our friends, Joe & Julie. I'm planning on pinwheels. The fabric is Summer Song by Riley Blake. Will post more pictures as I work on this one! I'm planning on cutting fabrics today if I don't get called into work.

While I was out shopping for fabrics for the Modern Holiday 2-1/2" square swap, I stumbled upon Creative Quilt Kits brick and mortar store in Brighton. It's a bit overwhelming to see all the fabrics in that small place. But a few caught my eye and I had to have them!! Laura Gunn - what more can I say :)

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