Saturday, February 12, 2011

A busy week.....

Finally got the quilt top together for the Don't Call Me Betsy's Sliced Coin Quilt-Along. Here a picture of the quilt top on the guest bed...overall I'm happy with the way it came out - now to decide on a quilt back fabric and how to quilt it!!

Sliced coins quilt top done

Sliced coins quilt top done
Spent a solid afternoon organizing my fabric collection. I put all 1/2 yard cuts or larger onto foam board "bolts" a la The Little Green Bean (second shelf). Then got out all of my FQs and folded them the same way and into clear show boxes from the dollar store (bottom shelf next to pre-cuts). Threads, basting pins, and other notions are on the third shelf. Some of my books reside on the top shelf. (Please look past the lack of trim in the house - it's a work in progress that we are taking our time with.....lazy homeowners too!!)

Fabric organizing

As for scrap pieces, I found this drawer unit at Ikea for $9.99 then added the bins to it....I have these in my basement too for my stained glass supplies (for scrap glass pieces too!). On top are the next projects - batik fabrics for my batik swap, Quilts for Kids quilt supplies, two sweaters with corresponding fabrics to make more bags, and a small box with some of my patterns and colored pencils) up on the organizing is getting all of the patterns and magazine articles I want to keep into one place - probably a binder....
Scrap organizing
Made some Dill Pickle Soup - from the recipe found at Food Floozie. Super yum!!! I doubled the recipe but kept the sausage at one pound - perfect! Just don't add any salt until it's done - my batch didn't need any extra salt...

Dill Pickle soup

And enjoyed some of the sunshine while the boys romped in the yard and ate more snowballs...
Enjoying the snow


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  1. Your sliced coins top looks great! I am so happy to hear there are other lazy homeowners out there - it's been 3 years without trim in our kitchen now. Someday we'll get around to it!