Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung!

We finally had a nice break in the weather and I was able to spend some time outside in the yard with the boys. Sutton found every stick possible and tried to get Cooper to play keep away - which he did - for about 2 minutes! Coop is the original lazy dog and really doesn't want to be bothered. All he wanted was to lay down in the sun, but Sutton wasn't going to let that happen at all....So Cooper played for those brief minutes and then moped and followed me around the yard.....

I'm enjoying my last few days of vacation before going back to work on Wednesday. I need to cut my Kona into FQs for the Kona Your World 2 swap and get those sent out and then start working on one of the many WIPs that I have started....

 Sutton - stopped just long enough from playing keep away with Cooper for me to get this pic!
 Daffodils peeking through the pine needles

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