Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm back!!

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but life away from the sewing machine takes precedence most of the time....a quick run down of the past month:  (Blogger is being mean to me today, so the pictures won't go where they should and I don't feel like messing with HTML code right now!)

 One of my brother's teammates (left) from the Baltimore Fencing Club
Lightning fast wheelchair was amazing! I made sure I got to see their matches everyday we were there!
  •  nasty head cold that took me out for over a week
  • Sewing day with my ECMO girls....helped them make tote bags from sweaters a la Create and Delegate's tutorial while I chopped up my fabrics for the batiks swap...
  • Work  - we've been really busy lately -  good for my paycheck, bad for my sleep habits!
  • New bed - we really went for it and bought a Sleep Number bed! Got delivered a few days ago - so far no back or shoulder pain! Yippee!!!
  • Continual yard clean up as the snow melted...long lost piles popped up every day or so as the snow disappeared! Finally all cleaned up yesterday! No more snow in the yard! Woot!
  • 4 days at a fencing tournament at Cobo. My brother has been fencing for over 10 years and he came out to coach and cheer on his peeps. He also spent a few days after visiting with us and left yesterday.
  • A trip to The Henry Ford Museum with Fencing Bro....the entire automobile exhibit is getting an overhaul and was closed...but lots of other cool things to see.
  • Drain snake out....ick
  • Catching up on visiting with friends 
  • Reading more books
  • Playing with the boys...the "little one" is now as tall as his dad.

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  1. Welcome back! Seems like lots of people are blogging less, but I'm glad you haven't disappeared completely! I hope things slow down for you soon. :)