Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Out in the woods

Spent the weekend the way many SE Michiganders tend to do - headed up north! Put Coop in the car, threw some clothes together, and headed off into the woods for a weekend of rest, relaxation, and naps.

We were somewhere between Mancelona and Traverse City. Our friend, Matt, has a cabin on 15 acres in the middle of the woods. It was fabulous! I could stay there for days - weeks even :)

Friday night we experienced a terrible thunderstorm. Thunder rolled and lightning lit up the sky. The lights flickered a few times, but won the battle. We watched the amazing light show from the huge porch until it started to rain sideways and were forced inside.

Saturday we headed into Bellaire for breakfast at a great local place called Tooney's. Fantastic breakfast and great coffee. It's great to find the little local places to visit while out exploring - no chain stores and restaurants for me :)

Then we drove into Alden, for a stop at the Alden Mill House. Alden is one of the cutest little towns I've ever been in. Tiny town with the main street stopping right on Torch Lake! What a beautiful place. Had me seriously thinking about picking up a real estate guide, but I resisted the temptation - Paul might freeze solid in the winter. Alden Mill House is this great local shop that sells all kinds of cooking gadgets and handmade spice blends. We picked up there Garlic Pepper blends and a meat marinade - both are great!

Then back to the cabin for reading on the porch, Coop exploring the woods, and a nice nap on the comfy couch.

Paul drove, so I had time to finally finish the binding on my Authentic lap quilt. I got to use it all weekend and love how warm it is! So I grabbed some pictures of my completed project.

After an awesome Belgian waffle breakfast by Matt, we loaded up our stuff and headed back to reality. Hopefully, we can do it again soon!

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