Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to reality....

Spent the weekend at Matt's cabin in Mancelona. Dropped LazyDog @ Grammy's and headed north...The leaves are just slightly showing a hint of color... another week or so and the trees will be in all of their autumn finery! Matt safely used the chainsaw and Paul did not burn anything - glad I didn't have to put my skills to use!

We headed to Traverse City for vodka and whiskey tasting at Grand Traverse Distillery (yup, we skipped the wineries and went straight for the hard stuff!) ....very interesting tour and good liquor...Love that they named their whisky Ole George!
The copper still

Whisky aging
Ole George - YUM!
Visited Alden and enjoyed Torch Lake - yep, the lake really is that blue! 

Cute lamp posts
Downtown Alden
Torch Lake
Another view

Back to reality today. Signed up for some on-call time and ended up not having to work, but got laundry done and started on my list for Amy's One Week Challenge, so I'm already making progress and it's only Monday - woo hoo!!!


  1. Was just browsing blogs and glanced at yours, saw "Mancelona" and had to keep on reading! LOL I grew up in Kalkaska, know all the places you are talking about. Kinda made me homesick...kinda...its a lovely 90 degrees here today and much colder and rainy today in Kasky, so unless I could take the Texas weather I love with me...
    Love the blog!

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog! I'd move up that way in a heartbeat - my husband would prefer to never see snow again, so we are staying where we are for now (not like we'd be able to sell our house anytime soon, either!)...90's are a bit much for me, though.
    Thanks for commenting!