Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy weekends are good....

Our original Saturday plans got pushed to Sunday, so we headed to Henry Ford Museum instead. Unfortunately, it rained most of the afternoon and we ended up skipping the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village, but still had a good time at the museum. Saw some amazing cars, bikes, and planes.

Saw the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot. Got to walk through the Rosa Parks bus. Didn't get good pictures of those - the lighting was terrible and my little point and shoot was not sure how to focus in those situations! Grabbed a pic of this super mod sewing table and chair!

They also have a generational exhibit - with a Gen X section! Items that I had as a kid are now in museums!! How did that happen!?!? Speak N Spell, Simon, Merlin, etc.... They were even playing Duran Duran music! Although this was interesting from the baby boomers section

Sunday was a day at the in-laws. My Subie was in desperate need of an oil change, so we headed out to the shop to take care of it. I didn't manage to get oil on me too bad this time, just misjudged the angle it would come flying out of the oil pan and did get quite a bit on the floor instead! Oops! At least Paul and his dad helped me clean up the mess...


  1. It sounds like a good weekend, even with the rain!

    And you were my 2000 follower, so you now have to be my eBFF...even if you don't want to be! ;D

  2. Excellent! I'll try not to "e-stalk" your blog too much :P