Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm still here.....

I'm still here...just been busy with work and well, life....not to mention a work exposure to pertussis and an unfortunately timed sinus infection with a fever that sent me to our employee health department, a course of antibiotics, and 2 unintended days off work with me on the couch feeling like crap.

Anyway, pertussis scare over; on to the good stuff. I was able to get the pinwheel quilt sandwiched, quilted, and binding sewn on. Now just to finish the binding and it will be all set for the baby shower (which I'll miss due to my work schedule - sometimes it sucks working weekends!)

And I am on "vacation" next week! In quotes, since Paul has to work and I'll be at home, trying to be productive. The yard is ready for the fall clean-up, I want to get our new inside doors painted, and of course, there is sewing and seeing the puppies.

We are keeping a puppy from Cooper's litter, so we are looking forward to another 4 paws in the house - just not those nights of crying in the crate - ugh! Jeanne was awesome enough to set up a webcam for the litter, so check it out if you have some time. They are 3 weeks old as of Thursday! She is moving the camera between the Bailey/Cooper litter (8 pups) and the Inja/Ajax litter(9 pups)  --yup - both her girls came into season at the same time and, much to her dismay, whelped on the same day!!) So it's double the viewing pleasure!

We are heading to the Paul's parents this weekend. Also on tap is a trip to The Henry Ford Museum. We finally convinced Paul - the anti-tourist, that a museum is NOT a tourist trap!!!Weirdo!

I'll leave you with a puppy picture from last week!

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