Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Woof!!

Sutton is growing by leaps and bounds! He did great in his puppy kindergarten class last Thursday and even managed a few nights of sleeping out of his crate without any accidents!! He has now conquered all the stairways in the house, so he loves to explore - but he still sleeps more than anything (growing boy!!) And Cooper loves to play with him and even lets him crawl on him when they are glad they are getting along!!

Sutton chewing on a rawhide stick!
 Trying to sleep next to Cooper (Coop loves to be under blankets!)
 Doggie WWF
 Dinnertime! (Unfortunately the stove is in focus, not the dogs - oops!)
 Sutton on the big dog bed last night
 Coopy all curled up in the little dog's crate last night too!!

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