Monday, January 3, 2011


Here are my quilty and non-quilty wishlists for 2011. Hopefully, I can accomplish some good stuff - in fabric and life in general.....

Quilting 2011
a. Swap City - Being relatively new to blogging and the online quilting community, I signed up for a couple of swaps last year. I have signed up for 3 already this year - 2 at Quilt with Us (a siggy star swap and a batik block swap); and the Kona Your World swap at GXQ. We'll see what else I find along the way!

b. Complete my UFOs - I have 2 quilts in progress that I really need to finish. The Zig Zag quilt that I posted about previously and the Charm Pack Quilt Along over at Freckled Whimsy. The Zig Zag just needs to the sandwiched and quilted; the charm quilt is waiting for me to get cracking on it...
c. Charity Quilts - I joined Quilts for Kids last year and made a few quilts, as well as donating close to 10 yards of kid fabric to the group. The sewing store on the corner of my street just started a local chapter. My goal is to complete at least 6 quilts for this charity in 2011. I already have 1 top completed!!

d. More quilts for me us - There are a few quilts that really caught my eye last year and I really want to try to complete a few of these in 2011. Urban Lattice, New Wave, Random Reflections, Bento Box are on the top of that list!! Mr. LazyDog has been complaining that my Authentic quilt isn't big enough for him, so I need to make at least 1 quilt for the couch big enough for him to cover up with so his feet don't stick out the bottom :)

e. Use up my stash - Finally decide what I'm going to do with all of the fabric that is waiting patiently for me. Arcadia jelly rolls, Nature-ology rectangles, Bali pops, and more are taunting me from the shelves, but I still don't have a game plan for those.....yet!

f. Learn something new - Last year I overcame my fear of zippers with the Gathered Clutch tutorial on Noodlehead. This year I'd really like to try Free Motion Quilting on my machine or take a class to learn how to use the long arm at the local quilt shop...

Life 2011
a. Move more and eat less - nuff said
b. Spend more time with the ones I love (2 and 4 legged!)...
c. Spend more time outdoors
d. Get the kayaks in the water
e. Be smarter with money
f. Read more
g. Plant a bigger garden than last year
f. Blog more consistently

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