Monday, May 3, 2010

Kamp Kacela

We spent the yesterday afternoon at Kacela Ridgebacks, or "Kamp Kacela," as we like to call it. We had some bonus time with Jaivyn, Cooper and Bailey's son (and LJ, Jaivyn's 2-legged dad)! He is gorgeous and you can see both Cooper and Bailey in him. He's about 5 months old - that time when I love Ridgeback puppies! Their legs and ears are growing faster than the rest of them and they are all gangly and oh so "graceful" :)

Here's Jaivyn - ain't he beautiful!!
Playtime with daddy

While Mama Bailey looks on...

Bailey, Lisha, & Kaos watching the view from the deck. You may wonder why 3 ridgebacks that love to run are guarding the yard from the safety of the deck while it's sunny out. 

Here's the answer:

Annika was "making it rain" and we all know how much ridgies love the rain! Then it did start to rain and Paul headed home on his motorcycle (and arrived home safe & sound, but dripping wet) while we enjoyed Winner's steaks (Inja is a coursing machine!)

Happy Monday, All!


  1. Those dogs are BEAUTIFUL. My boys would love them.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway. Good Luck!


  2. Thanks for following my little piece of the web :) I can't wait to get my second ridgeback - they are super fun and full of personality.