Thursday, May 13, 2010

Puppy breath....

It was pouring rain, thunder and lightning all around, so I decided to skip the Tigers game (Sorry, guys, I like you, but not enough to sit outside in the cold, damp, wet &; gloomy day). So instead I paid a visit to 8 of my grandkids - yup, you read that right! 8 - 3 beautiful girls and 5 handsome fellas!!!

Off I went to Angie's house - the home of Tifari ridgebacks to see mama Foosa and the kids. The little buggers aren't all that little anymore! They are all over 5 pounds and are getting ready to move to their new digs in the family room (huge X-pen and close to the patio door for easier housebreaking training!)

Is there anything better than puppy breath and roly-poly puppies? I don't think so....enjoy the pics. I wish I had sound to go with the pictures. Hearing them squeak and cry and growl at each other is hilarious! Words don't do them justice :)

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